36mm Mamehiraganna - Aogami #1, Iron Jigane

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Japanese Tools Australia

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These beautiful planes are forged by master smith Komori san, and we are thrilled to add new planes by one of our favourite smiths to our range.

These planes are forged with a blue paper steel (aogami) #1 edge, which is not a steel we have ever seen used in planes of this size - aogami #2 is used in our Tachibana models of similar dimensions.

Normally reserved for full-size smoothers, we are extremely excited to tune up an Aogami #1 blade in these smaller sizes and put them to work.

The laminating material (jigane) in these blades is a simple iron. This is also rare to find in smaller planes as iron is a much more difficult material to laminate than low-carbon steels, and so we have another aspect of these lovely little kanna that has more in common with their larger brethren.

The dai are by Nishimura-san, who produces the blocks used in our high quality Kamiwaza brand smoothers. All grain is clear and straight as one would expect.

Expect the mouth opening on these planes to be about 1mm wide once the plane is tuned.

Block LxWxH: 180mm x 50mm x 24mm
Mouth Opening Width: 31mm
Cutting Angle: 38 degrees