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#800 Cerax Waterstone

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The #800 Cerax stone can be considered a transition stone. It is ideal for removing the heavier marks from a coarse waterstone or diamond plate, readying the surface for finishing on finer stones. We recommend moving to a #3000 grit stone or similar as the next step in the sharpening process after sharpening on the #800.

The Cerax water stone by Suehiro Niigata Japan is renowned for its fast cutting surface and its longevity. Not only is it Europe's best selling water stone, it also has a very solid reputation in Japan and the rest of the world. Widely used across the woodworking and culinary professions; these stones are made from slow-wearing ceramic particles which act as the perfect abrasive for high carbon steel and tool steel alloy such as Vanadium and Chromium.

Occupying a similar role to the #1000 stone, the #800 grit Cerax stone is a multi-talented tool designed to facilitate a transition from grinding to honing and polishing. Due to the similarity in grit sizes, we recommend our customers purchase either one or the other of these grits to avoid redundancy in the sharpening process.

The housing is complete with rubber feet for safety, stability and ease when sharpening. With features to suit an array of uses, it is easy to see why the Cerax Water stone is a best seller.


  • 800 grit
  • Dimensions of 207mm x 70mm x 20mm
  • Housing with rubber feet for stability while sharpening and ease of storage
  • Protective cover for storage
  • Submerge stone in water for at least 5-10 minutes prior to use.

Do not keep this stone in water for long periods of time.