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Seisuke Mizuno-san

Anamei Kanna by Seisuke Mizuno

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This audacious example of the pinnacle of Japanese toolmaking wears it's heritage on it's sleeve.

Seisuke Mizuno-san, has hand forged this blade with a beautiful Aogami #1 cutting edge. Beyond that, however, he has laminated it to wrought iron salvaged from a dismantled bridge. 

In case you missed it (unlikely), Mizuno-san has incorporated the rivet hole from the bridge into the plane blade, making for a tool of unmistakeable provenance. The blade is inscribed "Hyakunen no Toki" ("100 years of time").

Because of the variation inherent to the material, expect the size, placement and shape of the rivet hole to vary from plane to plane.

The block is another beautiful dai from Kiyoshiya-san, and the assembled plane arrives to it's new owner in a beautiful paulownia box with hand-calligraphed lid.

Block Length: 289mm
Block Width: 83mm
Block Thickness: 37mm
Mouth Width: 63mm
Blade Length: 116mm
Blade Bedding Angle: ~38 degrees

Box Size: 317 x 118 x 104mm