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Asa-no-ha Kumiko Jigs by WigWood

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If you've attended one of our Kumiko workshops, you've had the opportunity to get started on your kumiko adventure with Wiggy. Wiggy (alias Jason) has spent many years refining his approach to Kumiko, and this process has not been limited to his designs, but also the jigs he prefers to use throughout the process.

This pair of jigs contains the necessary angles of 45, 22.5 and 67.5 degrees needed to build the components of Asa-no-ha infills in square jigumi (frames). They have been made by Wiggy from Australian hardwoods for sturdiness and longevity. The slots are 19mm wide, allowing for a wide variety of stock sizes to be used in your work.

In his classes Wiggy provides students with both a sharp chisel and a tuned plane and instructs students on the safe use of each option for paring the ends of kumiko pieces to the correct angle on the jigs. These jigs can be used with either chisels or planes, and Wiggy has also added hold-down pieces that can be used to safely secure kumiko pieces while keeping fingers clear of cutting edges. 

Finally, the adjustable stops can be configured in a wide range of positions to allow the woodworker to find the correct length for their kumiko pieces and produce their infills easily and with great consistency.

A hex key is included with a hand-turned banksia handle for comfortable and simple adjustment of the stops. 

Watch out for upcoming videos with Wiggy as he shows us how to get the most out of these jigs.