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Atoma Diamond Sheet - #140

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These diamond sheets are identical to the sheets used in our Atoma diamond plates. However, instead of supplying them attached to an aluminium substrate, these sheets are supplied with a waterproof adhesive backing and can be stuck to any substrate the user wishes to use.

While they are generally used as a replacement abrasive sheet for the full plates, we have sourced two alternative substrates to pair with them.

The first is a glass substrate. We have chosen glass to pair with the diamond sheets because it is a known flat surface. Once adhered to the diamond sheet, you have what is effectively a flat diamond plate with little degree of variation. It is slightly lighter than the aluminium version and can be used in all the same ways, but is especially well-suited to flattening waterstones. A diamond sheet can be adhered to either side of the glass, potentially creating a double-sided diamond plate of excellent flatness.

The second substrate we carry is a heavy mild steel plate. 10mm longer than our steel lapping plates but otherwise identical, these bases have been machined flat to within 0.005mm. We commissioned these plates because a customer asked for a heavy grinding plate that could be held above a bench in a metal-working vice. Once the diamond sheet has been adhered to the plate it can be used for heavy grinding applications with complete confidence in having a quantified flat surface. The reverse can have a second Atoma sheet adhered to it, or used as a steel lapping plate with your choice of cutting medium. To use a steel-backed diamond plate to flatten waterstones, we suggest leaving the plate on the bench and passing the stones over the top, as it becomes very hefty.

Please note that prices in this listing are for individual grits of diamond sheets and individual glass or steel plates. To buy one of each, please add each to your cart. We will pack and ship these item separately, and the user will need to stick the plate to their chosen substrate.

Atoma Diamond Sheets:
210mm x 75mm x 1.5mm

210mm x 75mm x 10mm

Steel Plate:
210mm x 75mm x 16mm