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Baishinshi Double Marking Knife - Koshikata

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This knife allows the woodworker to mark two parallel lines. In contrast to the double marking knife for kumiko, this tool situates the flat backof the knife on the left worker's left and the bevel to the worker's right.

Think of this knife as a pair of right-handed Kiridashi that delivers evenly space marks time after time.

This can be useful if the user is wanting to mark out one side of a range of half-lap joints at even lengths repetitively. This knife can be set to the desired interval and used to mark the first pair of lines.

Then, by placing the left blade in the right-hand line, the right hand blade will be able to mark the next line at the exact same spacing as the first. By repeating this process, a succession of equally spaced lines can be marked quickly and accurately.

Please note that left-handers will find this knife very hard to use. We recommend only for those able and willing to mark out with their right hand.

To sharpen the blades, remove the screw and pivot the blades open at the rivet.

Please note that screw that positions the blades cannot be reversed, and so right handers will find this more comfortable to use than left handers.

Overall Length: 145mm
Blade Length: 18mm
Maximum Distance Between Blades: 15mm
Minimum Distance Between Blades: 2mm