Brass Hatagane Clamps - 300mm

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These brass hatagane are perfect for clamping jobs on small items such as boxes, as well as for the marking and cutting of shoji frames and other small joinery.

They can be used in the assembly of boxes and small projects as all surfaces are square and a set of clamps can clamp to the work and themselves easily.

When marking out identical joinery on a series of workpieces, those pieces can be clamped together tightly by the hatagane while marks are transferred accurately with a square and pencil or knife.

Max Clamping Capacity: 275mm
Bar Sizing: 4.5mm x 4.5mm
Distance from Bar to Top of Clamping Block: 15mm 

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Clamps that act as squares

I have 4 of these 300mm clamps hanging on my tool wall above my bench, they are well constructed and solid clamps, the square construction of the beam and holding faces allows for you to actually use these to square up boxes, drawers and other items. The soft brass or bronze heads do not mar the surfaces as other heavier clamps will if over tightnened. If yo need holding power to be applied precisly, these are your answer.

Tony J.
Brass clamp 300mm x 2

I am confident that these clamps will be a quality product but as yet, they haven’t arrived as they were out of stock when the order was placed at the Canberra Working with Wood Show.

Alan G.
Hatagane solid brass clamp

Till date I have not received my purchase which I placed my order on the 02 nov and only 10 nov got reply that my order have now been shipped.

Uncle h.

it would be hard to find clamps exactly like these clamps, the will come in handy.

Craig H.
Quality Item

Never used these clamps before, very impressed with the quality and versatility of the clamps looking forward to using these clamps in Ernest Steve

Stephen B.