IWASAKI Wood File 200mm D 8mm Round White Oak handle

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Our Iwasaki range of files, rasps and/or floats feature a unique tooth pattern, making them difficult to classify. Designed to imitate the cutting stroke of a plane or chisel, the teeth of these files take extremely fine shavings and leave a very fine finish. As with Japanese saws, these files cut on the pull stroke, affording the sculptor, carver, whittler or craftsperson great control over the cut.

This 8mm round file is an excellent workhorse capable of removing plenty of material while still leaving a fine finish. It is pictured on the right of our 3mm and 6mm round files, also available as a set.

Please note that the 8mm file ships unattached to its handle. The file can be seated in the handle with a few firm taps from a hammer.


Blade Length 200mm

Over all 320mm

Category: Rasps and Files

Type: Other

Highly Recommended