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Japanese Netsuke - Carving for Beginners

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Extract from back cover of book:

Create your own miniature Japanese carvings, each one with intricate detail, lifelike features and a wealth of appeal. Packed with inspirational step-by-step projects and easy-to-follow diagrams, Carving Japanese Netsuke for Beginners will guide you through the process with ease, clearly demonstrating everything you need to carve your own Japanese masterpiece.

Discover the history of traditional netsuke carving, learn the techniques and hone your skills. Then try your hand at creating one of the 23 appealing netsuke carving projects outlined in the book, from the adorable hedgehog and the elegant mole to the intricate New Zealand dragon.

A clear, straightforward approach to the art of carving netsuke, ideal for beginners.

Photos: Colour

Units of Measurement: Imperial & Metric


What are Japanese Netsuke
Various Types of Netsuke

Tools & Equipment
- The Toolbox
- Shaping Tools
- Rotary Power Tools
- Materials
- Safety

- Eyes
- Bumps
- Hair
- Scales
- Feathers
- Shells
- Inlaying
- Carving Other Materials
- Colour
- Final Steps
- Cord Holes

The Carving Process
- Getting Started
- Crane
- Sleeping Wild Boar
- Hare
- Diving Frog
- Mandarin Duck
- Bat

Author's Collection
- Create Your Own Netsuke
- Owl
- Dormouse
- Hedgehog
- Toadstools
- Bumblebee
- Nautilus
- Rabbit
- Platypus
- Rat & Mouse
- Cuttlefish
- Snail
- Bactrian Camel
- Billy Goat
- Mole
- Hare & Tortoise
- Horse
- Toad
- Ox
- Tortoise
- Carp
- Dragon
- Penguins
- Octopus
- To Scale - gallery of projects

- Author's Work
- Dorothy Wilson - Netsuke Collector
- Paul Reader - Netsuke Collector
- Sue Wraight - Professional Netsuke Carver

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