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Japanese Whittling Knife with Leather case

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Within moments of arriving at the JTA workshop, being whipped out of it's case and put to work on some carving blanks, we knew this knife was a special.

This is what happens when a top-class Japanese knife maker studies the design hallmarks of European carving knives, fuses it with their unique HSS-lamination methods and pops it all on a thick handle and in a handy leather pouch with a blade guard.

For western carvers, this knife will feel approachable and familiar. If a sloyd knife embarked on an extended pilgrimage through Japan, reflecting, fasting and philosophising as it went, we think it would return to Scandinavia looking something like this - a little slimmer in the handle, with a light and functional leather case, and a blade that has been shortened, refined and sharpened to within an inch of it's life with a HSS cutting edge. 

That is the key here; the edge. Finding a happy medium between a knife that can take a bevel fine enough for fine finishing cuts while being rugged enough to waste and rough out is no mean feat, and in this little beauty we think it may have just been perfected.

For a few years now the 6mm double bevel carving knife has been our go-to carving blade, however, we now expect this to be our most recommended general whittling knife for the foreseeable future.