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Kamiwaza 50mm Gotoku Plane

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 The Gotoku is a joinery plane designed to do 5 jobs. It can be used as;
A Smoothing Plane
A Right Handed Rebate Plane
A Left Handed Rebate Plane
A Right Handed Side-Cutting Plane
A Left Handed Side Cutting Plane

Having set up two Gotoku planes, we have thus far found that once the blades' backs are lapped flat and their bevels sharpened, it has been quite a quick process to fit them to the block.

Refinement of the sole's flatness with sandpaper on glass was helpful, and from there subtle adjustments to blade positioning were enough to get them cutting beautifully in all orientations.

Body Length: 188mm
Body Width: 50mm
Height of blade shoulder from sole (minimum width of trench that plane can be used in):
Distance from side of block to spine of block (maxaimum height of trench that plane can be used in): 13mm
Cutting Angle: 44 degrees