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Mokuhanga Fundamentals by Terry McKenna

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Written by renowned Australian Mokuhanga artist Terry McKenna, this book constitutes the first extensive explanation that we are aware of outlining the fundamentals of woodblock printing in English.
Terry currently resides in Karuizawa, conducting classes and residential study courses. Since completing his studies under Kyoto-based Mokuhanga master Richard Steiner, he has taught extensively in Japan, in Australia and internationally.
This book's methodical approach reflects a deep understanding of the craft presented by an accomplished teacher. Terry's experience and passion in teaching this art form permeates every page, and it has deepened our understanding of the topic profoundly. For anyone interested in traditional Japanese art, Japanese carving and aesthetics, and Japanese carving tool selection and application, this is required reading. 
This book covers the fundamentals of Japanese woodblock printing. Terry's second book builds on this first one, and we hope to also stock it soon.
Contents of the book:
Chapter 1 : Introduction
chapter 2: Design
chapter 3: Wood
chapter 4: Carving Step1
chapter 5: Carving Channels
chapter 6: Finishing Cuts
chapter 7: Paper
chapter 8: Printing Ready
chapter 9: Basic Printing
chapter 10: Edition Printing
chapter 11: Key Block
chapter 12: Gomazuri
chapter 13: Next Step
chapter 14: Appendix

160 pages, with over 400 photographs and 35 hand-drawn illustrations.
Publication date: 2021 Jul | ISBN / 978-4-9912-0790-7