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Okatsune Hedge Shears - Long Blade / Long Handle

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This pair of Okatsune hedge shears is razor-sharp and easy to use. You will notice that you can very accurately shape your hedge with ease. While most other hedge shears crush branches, the Okatsune shears actually cut through them. 

The handles of Japanese white oak are well-known to absorb vibration, these will be your perfect companion in the garden

The combination of the 200 mm long blade, and the handles of 500 mm ensures a perfect balance, and sufficient strength that you need to easily cut the hedge, shrubs or prune branches.

Large sized model with long handles, long-bladed.

Total length: 780 mm

Handle length: 500 mm

Blade length: 200 mm

Lightweight: 1050 gr

A vinyl sheath for the blade is included.

Blade hardness: 60 – 61 HRD (Rockwell Hardness C-scale)

Izumo Yasugi steel

Maintenance tips:

Okatsune has become a pro in hardening the blades. As such the shears will stay sharper a lot longer than your average shears from the hardware store. A lot of attention was also paid to the geometry. As such the shears are amazing to work with.

Because the blades on this pair of shears were made from carbon steel they are not stainless. As a result it would be a good idea to clean the blades after use - we recommend Yanipika and add a drop of camellia oil. These couple of steps will keep your shears in tip top shape.