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Renaissance Metal De-Corroder 100ml

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This super-gentle rust removal solution is a welcome departure from the aggressive and sometimes dangerous products that are commonly used in rust removal processes.

Instead of corroding rust, Renaissance Metal De-Corroder selectively ruptures the bond between the base metal and corrosion layer, reducing rust to a sludge which is easily wiped or brushed away. The process can be stopped with a clean-water rinse, with no need to neautralise aggressive acids.

This product can be safely used on iron, bronze, copper and copper alloys, brass, steel, zinc and galvanised materials. It also effectively cleans scale and rusty water stains.

Because of it's gentle formulation, rusty tools can be left in Renaissance Metal De-Corroder over up to several days. In our tests, we have found that a immersion in the De-Corroder over a period of a few hours, with hourly wiping off of detached rust, is highly effective at removing rust and caused no damage to our tools.

The totally benign nature of the product eliminates work and health hazards associated with common de-rusting systems such as those based on phosphoric and hydrochloric acids. Normal ventilation and common-sense hygiene procedures should be observed, with gloves and protective clothing advisable.

Following treatment, metal surfaces are stabilised for up to 14 days, giving ample time for applying long-term protection (such as Renaissance micro-crystalline wax polish, which confers a tough – but reversible – glass-clear lustrous finish).

Loose rust or scale should be wire-brushed and surfaces de-greased to allow optimum performance. Immersed objects will be clear of light corrosion in as little as two minutes. During longer immersion for heavier rusting, periodic checks can be made by rubbing the object with a finger. Brushing speeds the process.