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Shapton Professional Sharpening Stone - #320

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The Shapton Professional #320 is a coarse waterstone suited to heavy material removal on highly worn blades or blades with small chips in the cutting edge.

The #320 removes material quickly, though it remains a hard-wearing stone that tries to keep itself close to flat as long as possible. Due to it's hardness, we recommend regular light flattening with a diamond plate or sandpaper on glass.

As this stone is capable of heavy removal, it will dictate the geometry of all tools and knives being used on it. Maintaining it flat will give the best results.

While the #1000 Professional stone is a very quick jump from the #320, the #2000 Professional stone is also easily reachable from this grit.


  • Stone size: 210mm x 70mm x 16mm
  • Includes stackable plastic case