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Spoon Carver's 6pc Essential Toolkit

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This is great set to get crafty to make some wooden cutlery and it is also a perfect gift for those looking for a new hobby. 

This kit includes six fantastic spoon carving tools including;

  • Japanese Whittling Knife Carving Knife - with top of the range HSS laminated blade, identical to our standalone knife, but without the leather sheath.
  • 12mm and 18mm Spoon Bowl Gouges with laminated Aogami edges, fantastically sharp, easy to use and easy to maintain.
  • Our 9mm spoon bowl gouge, with laminated high carbon steel edge, perfect for getting into tight radiuses.
  • Flat 9mm Gouge, with laminated high carbon steel edge and rounded fingernail profile.
  • 3mm U-gouge for fine profiling and detail work with laminated high carbon steel edge
This set ships with a simple vinyl roll.