steel edge trimmers
Star M steel edge trimmers
Star M steel edge trimmers
Star M steel edge trimmers


Steel Edge Trimmer Star M

Regular price $55.00 AUD

This Steel Edge Trimmer is an essential tool for furniture- and cabinet makers and its blade does not only have excellent cutting quality, it can also be sharpened. Due to its compact size, it can be used easily in narrow spaces.

When sharpening, ensure that only the outside edge of the trimmer is honed. Any sharpening of the inside edge will result in the trimmer no longer coming into contact with the work surface and make it ineffective.

It efficiently and smoothly trims: veneer, PVC, and excess dressing tape; leaving a clean finish.

We stock 2 types:

  1. Chamfer Cut 0.6mm 15.5x60x20
  2. Chamfer Cut 1.0mm 15.5x60x20


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John P.

Ok not as good as I thought.

Was a little disappointed with this product I owned the plastic one before this one and wanted to buy a steel one so it would last longer. I tried it on edge tape that hadn't been trimmed and it worked fine, but once I tried it on an edge that had been slightly trimmed but needed just a small amount of clean up it failed quite badly. I wanted to return it but I had already tossed out the package, so I tried to sharpen it but it still failed so now I guess I'm stuck with it.