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Tachibana 70mm Smoothing Plane - Abura-dai

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This beautiful kanna is a full-sized smoother featuring a hand forged blue paper steel (aogami #1) blade and gorgeous oil-soaked block (abura-dai). This technique of oil soaking provides additional stability and protection to the dai. It also features a tsutsumi that supports the bevel of the blade once seated. The block is relieved behind the mouth to aid in tuning and maintenance.

Having sampled Tachibana's small blue paper steel smoothing planes, we are beyond excited to set up one of these beautiful specimens.

Block Length: 290mm
Block Width: 89mm
Block Height:35mm
Blade Length: 115mm
Cutting Edge Width: 64mm
Blade Angle: 38 degrees
Tsutsumi Depth: 7mm