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Tachibana Mentori Kanna - Aogami (Blue Paper Steel)

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This specialised chamfering plane finds its way into the toolbox of every self-respecting carpentry company in Japan. Based around a small plane block with fully laminated  blue paper steel blade, the mentori-kanna (or kirimen-kanna, among other names that vary regionally) utilises a specialised sled that allows the user to adjust the width of the desired chamfer.

Able to be cracked open a hair's breadth for breaking hard edges, it can also be set to take chamfers of any width up to 18mm wide. This gives the craftsperson complete control over the aesthetic of the chamfer depending on where it is situated and on what sized timber.

The small plane is set up exactly as any other Japanese plane, with a skewed blade to facilitate a slicing cut on tricky timbers, while the entire sole is clad in brass plate. This is a great advantage as working the sharp corners of un-chamfered timber causes heavy wear to timber-soled kanna.

Finally, the cutting plane can be set anywhere to the left or right inside the base to allow the user to present all parts on the cutting edge to the work - a nicely sharpened blade can be taken advantage of fully, instead of concentrating the wear in a single spot.

Add precise and repeatable chamfers to your next project with this beautiful tool.

Total Length: 200mm
Plane Block Length: 98mm
Plane Block Width: 48mm
Cutting Edge Width: 27mm
Max. Chamfer Width: 18mm