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Kamiwaza Smoothing Plane - Aogami #1, 65mm

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Hand forged by Takeo Nakano-san, this beautiful example of Japanese toolmaking tradition has been tuned at the factory and arrives to the user having already taken a shaving.

The blade uses Aogami #1 (blue paper #1) steel as it's cutting edge and features beautifully folded jigane with subtle layering. The chipbreaker is fully laminated, though it has not been factory fitted and will need further tuning by the plane's new owner.

The block is a beautifully selected piece of Japanese white oak (shirogashi) that has been soaked in oil, a technique called abura-dai. This slows the movement of the block under normal climatic changes.

We have found that, although tuned from the factory, it will still require knowledge of Japanese planes in order to get the best out of this beautiful tool. As such, we would not call it a beginner's plane. If, however, you are familiar with the principles of Japanese planes and are looking for a beautiful smoother that requires minimal setup, this is a perfect candidate.