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Seisuke Mizuno-san

Togo Hagane Kanna by Seisuke Mizuno

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We have translated the steel in the edge of this plane to be "Togo" steel. This steel first appeared in the catalogue of Kawai Steel Co., Ltd of Tokyo in 1918.

Kawai Steel drew up it's own specifications for this steel, and had it manufactured in either America or Europe immediately before or during WWI. Unfortunately it's exact provenance has been lost over time.

Togo Hagane was trademarked by Kawai Steel, and a number of steels were labeled and sold under this branding.

This steel has been carefully stored in a Yamagata saw-smith's workshop since it was bought about this time. Now, it has made it's way into the hands of Seisuke Mizuno-san, one of Japan's premier plane blade makers.

Mizuno-san has measured the steel and found it contains between 0.8 to 1.0% carbon. After experimenting with forging and heat treatment techniques, Mizuno-san has announced a limited run of about 100 plane blades, which will account for all of the steel remaining in storage. 

The block has been beautifully prepared by Kiyoshiya-san, and this plane ships in a beautiful paulownia box with a calligraphed lid.

We are very privileged to have a small number of this very special kanna for sale.

Block Length: 290mm
Block Width: 87mm
Block Thickness: 36mm
Mouth Width: 64mm
Blade Length: 114mm
Blade Bedding Angle: ~38 degrees

Paulownia Box: 318 x 119 x 104mm