Yari Kanna Tagayasan Handle 18mm x 60mm - spear plane

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The Yari Kanna is made by Kawasei who is a well known blacksmith in Niigata. Mr Kawasei is famous for making profile chisels and carving tools. This plane predates the more conventional planes known to date. These planes were used for flattening timber by scraping, shaving while running along the grain of the timber.

Today, they are used more frequently for carving as this plane can be used in four (4) different ways:

  1. used as a left hand gouge
  2. used as a right hand gouge
  3. pairing left once turned over
  4. pairing right once turned over

To get a better understanding of its use, you can watch the below movie.

Yari Kanna in use


  • Blade 18mm x 60 mm
  • Overall Length 220mm 
  • Japanese Red Oak handle



Category: Carving Chisels, Chisels, Planes

Type: Tools

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