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About JTA

Japanese Tools Australia was founded in 2009 by furniture maker Christian Timbs. Christian's experience training and working in England, Tasmania and Japan made him well acquainted with the virtues and traditions of Japanese tools. Initially Christian offered Australian woodworkers a small selection of Japanese saws, sharpening stones and chisels from his workshop in southern Sydney.

Japanese Tools Australia has since expanded with a knowledgeable team and stock more than 1000 unique, hand chosen products to be used by professionals and hobbyists in the pursuit of their creative vision, with more constantly being selected.

JTA stands behind the quality of every one of our products and know that we offer our customers the best woodworking tools possible, whether their application be for students, enthusiasts or tradespeople. Centuries of tradition and experience lay behind Japanese toolmaking and woodworking culture, and we are proud to bring these stories to Australia and the world.

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Canvas Roll for Chisels
John Henderson
It’s a wrap

Purchased the canvas roll for chisels for my new chisel. Really well made , convenient and protects, the chisels from damage and me from the very sharp chisels. With a pocket for each chisel finding the right one quickly is a convenient discipline. Highly recommended

Ryu Carving Set - 7pcs
David Sjoberg
Poetic steel

Such beautiful work has gone into creating these chisels I feel compelled to respect them in the woodcarvings I create - thank you for the opportunity to use such fine tools,
Kind regards,


marking knifes

very sharp, but handle short

Shinwa rulers with stops

Absolutely fantastic, I now own the whole range & my co-workers also have bought them now.


Well made, looks good and works well......Love it.

Great, convenient tool.

It arrived today and already has proven invaluable.
Cuts on the pull stroke and just "eats" small branches.

Gardening Sickle
Patricia A.
The Best

Best gardening tool and oriental tool that I have used. It
is light and easy on the hands and great at pulling weeds, even
weeds in the lawn.

Awesome Box for HP-15C Calculator

These boxes are awesome. I’m a teacher, learning designer and my expensive HP-15C Calculator fits just perfectly in this box. Like it was made for it. Simply awesome! The quality of these boxes is amazing. I now know that my expensive HP calculator will be protected for years and years to come. I highly recommend these boxes for professionals as they will protect your gear (whatever you have) forever. Luv ‘em.

Great finish - flush cut

I admire precise smooth saw cuts in my detailed woodworking and turning. This saw delivers.

Christmas present

The scissors look excellent - functional and very practical. As they are a Christmas present I am unable to give a review at the moment. As with all the JTA products, they will be good. 😀

Japanese Planting & Weeding Set

Great tools

Large grass sickle

Love this! Use for cutting grass, lucerne for horses and for slicing through weeds when they get high. Nice and sharp, easy to use. Highly recommend.

Shines rule and stop

I’m not sure why these rules are so clear and easy to read however they are so much better than the ones I used before. Would recommend them to all.

Nakuru saw set

Looks beautiful and is very high quality. These saws are now my go to. Excellent service as always it’s never taken more than 4 days for anything to arrive.

Clean and precise

These are beautiful bits to use. I am currently working a project requiring clean and very accurate holes. These bits really do the job. The brad point is easy to position accurately and tracks precisely. The very sharp cutting surface make a very clean hole with very little breakout. The bits are a bit shorter than you might expect, but this has not yet been a problem in my project.

Kevlar Carving Gloves

Purchased a "large size" glove, they are a very tight fit.

For Aussie hands the gloves should be larger.

Go to tool!

The Shinwa Protractor no. 19 has proven itself as a reliable and functional tool, standing the test of time with over two years of use, a testament to its durability.

Beautiful definately will order from them again cuts awesome.

Gardening Sickle

Love this tool, best tool ever, use it daily. Great for getting weeds out.

Nice chisels, reasonable price.

A while ago I was searching for a good reasonably priced set of chisels for general woodworking and cabinetry. After considerable research and a chat with Mitch from Japanese Tools Australia, I settled on the set of 10 Kikuhiromaru bench chisels. I’ve just given them their hardest challenge yet, cutting a 100x30mm mortise through 90mm merbau. Merbau is very hard on tools and have previously left large chips in the edges of some of my expensive chisels to my great disappointment. The Kikuhiromaru’s sliced through the timber and left the edges almost as sharp as when I started and not a chip in sight. I was pretty impressed.
They were easy to set up and sharpen, and maintain a great edge for longer than they have any right to. I’m a happy camper and would recommend these chisels to anyone interested in a good quality tool at a reasonable price.

Quality chisel

I've owned the 24mm for around 2 years now. Beautifully crafted, nice even lamination across the bevel, you don't need anymore than this. Setup was easy, sharpens wonderfully to produce fine whispy shavings or quick deep, clean cuts to the second knuckle of my non-dominant middle finger, severing the nerve. Don't get complacent, though it still makes me smile whenever I reach for this beauty.

plug cutters

I already have 20 plug cutters of various sizes and cutting styles.This is because they are all stand alone cutters to which you must match the drill. On my most recent job only one of my 25mm drills was anywhere near a snug fit so I was keen to try your tool.After trying the 9mm set I immediately ordered the 10mm(I would have taken any other sizes if I could!)
These work because 1. They are engineered as a pair so that the plug sits snugly in the hole and
2.the design of the cutting surfaces ensures that both plug and hole have very clean edges.
What to do with a box of useless cutters?

nice and easy

This set really made hinge installation a breeze by simplifying the the changing of bits but maintaining high quality.
Even though I did have end up having problem when a part of system came out of the assembly JTA swiftly replaced the item. That problem aside these are still the best

Kakuri Handle

Has a nice feel in the hand - fits the relevant blades perfectly.

Beautiful saw and great service

Love this saw, it cuts well and stays on course. The hand cut teeth work better than most other saws I've used over the years. I purchased it from Christian at the Hand Tool Event day at the Melbourne Guild of Fine Woodworking so was able to try it out before purchase which was good. The service was excellent as always. I just wish I had more spare time to use it. Next year I'll have some projects where it will come in handy for sure.