#320/#800 Cerax Waterstone by Suehiro (Combination)

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The Cerax Water stone by Suehiro Niigata Japan is renowned for its fast cutting surface and longevity. Not only is it Europe s best selling water stone, it also has a very solid reputation in Japan and the rest of the world. Widely used across the wood working and culinary professions; these stones are made from slow-wearing ceramic particles, which act as the perfect abrasive for high carbon steel and tool steel alloy such as Vanadium and Chromium.

The #320/#800 stone is ideal for heavy grinding of bevels and the backs of blades. It's #320 grit side is well suited to heavy material removal, while the #800 stone quickly refines the edge for further sharpening.

The Cerax Water stone is double sided with both 320 and 800 grit to ensure a sharp and polished blade every time. The housing is complete with rubber feet for safety, stability and ease when sharpening. With features to suit an array of uses, it is easy to see why the Cerax Water stone is a best seller.


Double sides 320/800

Housing with rubber feet for stability while sharpening and ease of storage

Protective cover for storage

*Submerge stone in water for at least 5-10 minutes prior to use.

Do not keep this stone in water for long periods of time.

Dimensions: #320 side 187 x 63 x 13mm
#800 side 187 x 63 x 16mm

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My new sharpening stones

Great. Getting good results already despite being a beginner.

Christopher D.
Australia Australia

#320/#800 Cerax Waterstone by Suehiro (Combination)

This is an excellent combination stone for sharpening knives that need a fair bit of work. The 320/800 grit combo means you can quickly get a good edge with the 320 side and then refine it with the 800 side. The stone has a nice feel to it too. It comes in a nifty case which doubles as a sharpening base that can hold water to keep the stone moist. Highly recommended!

Manfred R.

Cerax 320/800 combination - a good coarse stone

Used this to reshape a small knife and it was very effective. The 320 cuts reasonable fast although it is a bit soft and created a lot of slurry. I have since purchased a Shapton 120 stone for grunt work and this combines well with the Cerax stone to make a perfect arsenal for repairing and reshaping edges on modern steels.

Mark B.

Purchase water stone.

I bought it as a present for son in law.

Ralph H.